Santa Barbara

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This mobile guide is part of the Digital Tourism program of Smart Communications Inc. and InnoPub Media.

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INTERACTIVE MARKERS. Tourism markers like these have been placed in key areas in Santa Barbara. When scanned with a quick response (QR) code scanner or tapped with a near-field communication (NFC) device, the markers trigger the download of more information about a tourism site.

About this guide

This guide is part of the nationwide Digital Tourism program of telecommunications leader Smart Communications, Inc. and Cebu-based new media startup InnoPub Media.

Digital Tourism harnesses mobile technology to deliver tourism, cultural and historical information.

Newly-installed site markers containing QR or quick response codes and NFC (near-field communications) stickers have been deployed in select areas within Santa Barbara. The markers trigger the download of tourism and historical information via phone scanning or tapping.


Smart and InnoPub have been closely collaborating with the Santa Barbara local government unit for the implementation of the program.

To download information via QR code scanning, tourists need to be connected to the Internet and must have a QR reader app on their phones. QR code apps can be downloaded for free from phone application markets. To download information via NFC tapping, tourists need to be connected to the Internet and must have an NFC-capable device. Newer Android devices have NFC support.

The digital tourism program was piloted by Smart and InnoPub in Cebu in 2012 but is now being implemented nationally. The program was recently recognized with an Anvil Award of Merit.

This guide is continually updated. If you have suggestions and comments, send us an email.